Expedition overland

I saw an instagram feed where EO was picking up a GFC camper and they also said they are building out another Tacoma. Should be interesting if this all true. Huge exposure for GFC.


They just sold off their Gladiator (or are in the process.)

I think Toyota gave them an ultimatum. It’ll be interesting to see how the new Tacoma stacks up. I sure wish Toyota would get their engine/transmission game updated, not a fan of their past few years.

When they got the Gladiator I was excited to see if they would start doing harder terrain, but it doesn’t seem like they have much interest in pushing it hard enough to need a straight axle on 37s. You really can’t beat the ride both on and off of an IFS rig, and why sacrifice if you don’t have any intentions of doing harder terrain. And if you can have a partnership with Toyota then even better.

Not saying you can’t get hardcore in your Taco either, just costs a lot more!

Having a Gladiator myself, yes I was disappointed that they sold it. They have been Toyota for a long time and now they are given Toyota trucks plus almost everything built on them, so I get it. My point was that if they mount the GFC, that will be interesting. But maybe not since Goose Gear will give em the whole build out too and we’ve seen that. Still good exposure for GFC, I think. EO is on Amazon Prime and I think I recall seeing that they were going to be on some other mainstream channel.

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I agree with you totally. Will be cool to see them rocking the GFC.

Looks like XO does have the GFC mounted to one of their new trucks. Wonder if Goose Gear fixed them up with some drawers.