Exterior MaxTrax Mounts

Has anyone seen the 4CX Recovery Board Mounts? I’m looking to see if they might be useable to mount recovery boards on the exterior track of my V2. Might need to use some different hardware and washers as needed, but curious what people’s thoughts are? I can’t find any info regarding the spacing for the mount holes to the track to see if they would at least align with the GFC tracks…

Don’t know how accurate this is, but if this drawing is to scale and the measurements are in mm looks like they show around 31 mm.


Where/how are you wanting to mount the boards? I feel like I could fairly easily adjust my design to be a vertical mount along the side instead of up on the roof.

Thanks jedgar. Have any idea what the spacing is on the GFC track? I can try and measure it too.

Mitten, I’m wanting to mount these along the side rail, so they don’t go up on top of the roof. Trick would be to still have clearance for the back door to open (I’d mount these as far forward on the camper as I could, right above the rear door). Let me know what you might come up with. I’ve found myself using my beef rack for sheets of plywood lately, so I’m looking for a side-mount solution rather than one that goes up in the roof.

Any more thoughts on this? Thought I’d ask, I’d happily be a test subject