External Wiring Solutions

Has anyone come up with a good external cable management solution? Im running lines under my GFC RTT tent (4runner) and its a mess.

Without knowing what you’re wiring it’s hard to make a suggestion, but can you just use some wire loom and some cable clamps mounted to the extrusion? With the cable clamps you should be able to run the loom just below the extrusion leaving you room for mounting other things (shovel and what not).

That’s a fair question. I dont have any pics right now of my horrid wiring solution but I’m mainly talking about wiring lights from side to side. Right now I have light wiring running from the passenger to driver side passing under the tent and it’s actually ziptied to my roof currently as a temporary solution. There is no problem running cables along the sides of the tent because like you said you can just use a t-nut and clamp along the extrusion.