F-150/Raptor Wind Noise

Just drove back from Oregon after installing the front runner wind fairing on my Tacoma access cab long bed with GFC. Normally getting about 15-16 mpg. GFC, decked drawer system, 2.5” lift, 33’s. Woodburn Oregon to Ashland, 19.8 mpg. Ashland to Cottonwood, Ca, 18.45mpg, Cottonwood to Scotts Valley, CA, 18.7mpg. And no wind noise!


That’s great to hear @dakine I have the same body style Tacoma so I was very curious about your results. Which size fairing did you get? Also, were there any issues with squeaking (or did that felt tape prevent it)? Thanks!

Felt tape worked a dream, no squeaking at all. Ran the Taco up to 90 MPH and still no noise. I went with the Wind Fairing for Rack / 1345mm/1425mm(W).


Fairing for rack but assuming your access cab doesn’t have a rack… did it work well? I’m ready to do this

It worked great for me. Wind noise dropped from 95 decibels to 72 decibels and in a recent trip from Woodburn Oregon back to Santa Cruz, CA my gas mileage was between 18-20mpg

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Do you have any pictures of the install on your truck? I would love to see how that size fits the Tacoma and the mounting.



Got a parts list for this? I want to do exactly what you did - minus the River Quiver… my rods are all 3 piece :wink:


4 x 10-32 tnuts

All my fly rods are 4 piece 8’6” to 10’strong text

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Is that including the brackets? Not sure what comes in the box. Didn’t have to add anything to the bottom of the thing - it has that rubber bit already? Thanks!

brackets came with the fairing, rubber bottom edge is part of the fairing. I added some felt tape at someone else’s suggestion but did remove it from the rubber edge after a few weeks.There is also a strip of clear vinyl for paint protection to go directly below the rubber edge.

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thanks! sorry for all the questions but access cab to access cab… it’s exactly the same. knaawww mean?

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With all you have shared in the forum, you can ask all the questions you want

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ordered! got a couple more boxes too because i love their stupid boxes and free shipping was allllmost in reach.

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You are going to love it. The noise reduction is fantastic and getting a small mpg gain is just icing on the cake.

After removing the felt have you had any issues with squeaking?

Once I removed the felt, I just slightly adjusted the angle of the fairing to give a ¼” gap above the cab, and have had no issues with squeeking

Did I do it right?


Okay… not loving the squeaking… and it comes and goes.

Seems like if I angle it up enough to not touch I actually get a slight whistle… but I definitely preferred having it down tighter against the roof for aerodynamics and what not. I’ve never actually taken physics so this is all speculation for me

What felt tape are folks using and will it hold up to an exterior application like this?

Make sure to put the protective tape down, so the rubbing doesn’t wear your paint. I just recently tried using a couple pads, like the kind you put on the bottom of furniture on tile or wood flooring. Seems to have helped a lot, although I don’t have my fairing pushed down hard to the top of the roof at all.