F-150/Raptor Wind Noise

I have a 2020 F150 Super Crew w’ 6.5’ bed with a v2 I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I am getting pretty significant wind noise above ~50mph. Has anyone with a F150/Raptor found a solution to cut down on wind noise? I am currently considering adding a Yakima BaseLine system with the fairing to try to kick up airflow further above the truck. Also in consideration is a Prinsu rack that is cut down to sit forward of the camper but I am hesitant to drill holes on a new truck.

No solutions here. I just deal with it with my 2017 f150.

I am not going to drill holes for a rack. There have been a couple of homemade attempts that have been posted on the board. Wish GFC made a simple bolt on fairing that would deflect the air up instead of a 150 dollar cosmetic fairing


Yup, I don’t think I’ll ever drill the roof. I think I’ll just keep my eye out on craigslist for a used set of yakima crossbars/mounts. Running only the rear rack with a custom fairing might work well.

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I noticed the same thing. You get used to it but it is a change. I just turn my music up louder :metal:

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I think this example is on a Chevy Colorado, but this DIY fairing might be one option.



I have a 21 Ford Tremor and just got my GFC camper installed and was bummed about the noise.
At low speeds it would howl, and get loud at high speeds.

I installed a rhino rack bar and 50" wind fairing and the noise is all but gone completely.
No more low speed howls at all.
At 60 mph I was asking my wife if she thought it was as quiet as no camper or not and she said at this level it didn’t matter, huge success.

These folks sell just one bar at a time

Both together ran $355 and it was such a huge improvement I’d have paid a lot more. Totally worth it.


Is the wind fairing resting on the roof of the cab?

The fairing has little feet/tabs that rest on the roof. But they’re padded. I run the exact same setup.

Night and day difference for me. The wind noise/howl was unbearable. Now it’s all but gone.


I mounted a RTT on a Jeep JKU. The front edge of the RTT is about 2’ above my head when driving so any wind noise was heard inside. There was a soft noise from the leading edge that started at low speed and intensified as speed increased. At low speed it sounded like the whistle produced when softly blowing across an open beer bottle.

I put vinyl wrap (MultiCam Black) in the top of the tent and down across the leading edge. This completely eliminated the wind noise from the RTT. Note: I have worked to quiet my Jeep with interior roof liners and I removed the seast and stock carpet and installed sound deadening material on the floor and rear wheal tubs. My Jeeper friends who have ridden in my Jeep all moment how quiet it is. So, a whistle was unacceptable.

See forum: “Has anyone vinyl wrapped the roof of the tent?”

Did any of the fairings help with MPG?

I haven’t really noticed a big difference. But I don’t hyper mile. Maybe +1-2 mpgs tops. For me it was all about the noise. And the fairing addressed that for me.

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I must be really lucky, because I have zero issues with wind noise with my v2 on my ‘17 screw 6.5’ bed. Idk if different trims have more sound dampening in the cab, though. I’ve always found my truck to be extremely quiet, and my passengers have remarked about it. If it’s super windy out, I can hear wind hitting the extrusion, but it’s pretty well muffled.

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Maybe the 6.5 foot bed. You should have less of the camper over your roof line than the shorter beds.

I would think so too, but the OP has the same setup.

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I have wind noise on my '21 supercab but its not insufferable. considering the old snowboard, l-bracket, j-edgar driprail wind deflector trickeroo

Just installed a Frontrunner wind fairing on my XL (2020 F150) and it seems to have cut the wind howl down to a minimum.

Did that attach to the underside of the GFC?

No I just bolted the brackets to the track with t-nuts

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Hey guys! I have a 21’ F150 6.5’ Bed with a V2 Camper. I called GFC about the wind noise and they suggested taping up the large drain hole under the leading edge of the tent as a temporary fix. It’s hard to see being that it’s in the center of the cab and faces down onto the roof of the truck. Taping it up completely completely solved my wind noise. GFC service is offering a 3-D printed, snap in piece as a permanent fix to fill that hole so might be worth checking!