F-150/Raptor Wind Noise

Just taped mine on my '12 raptor. I’ll report back after a few days. My noise isn’t really that bad but I do get some howling at certain speeds.

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Taping that hole got rid of the small amount of wind howl I was getting. Thanks!


zoolabrador, The Frontrunner fairing attached to the front rail sounds like a great option for our 150. Can you share specifics of the product size you used? A photo would be great. I’d like to get something with enough of a slant possibly help with gas mileage.

I’d been thinking about buying the light mounting brackets and flipping them over but I like this better.

I can say that more than a few of the trucks I have seen that have experienced noise are sitting at “level” or are squatting in the rear (mostly squatting or are just lower on the rear end). That will definitely have a lot to do with how the wind reacts and sounds. Standard truck bed rake typically has a higher rear end (to achieve level or close to level once loaded). With the addition of the camper, gear, build outs, etc I see most customers sagging in the rear end (which is not good for the truck overall anyway). Of course this does not account for everything but it is definitely something to check. Even if you do not have wind noise a sagging rear one will cause the camper to sit inside of the airstream instead of below it which can affect other things like MPGs. I think this is a good Segway into how to properly set up a truck for the extra weight we all add with these modifications. Not saying this is what you all are dealing with, just putting that info out there for others who may be!


With our camper open it looks like there are two potentially useable T tracks on the front of our V2. It appears the whole top section would pivot, but actually only the very top section does which impacts only the upper (third) T track…based on what I see with my camper up.

I mounted my fairing on the top track using 1/4 - 20 t nuts. I tried some Yakima t track nuts since you can slide in the side of the front tracks, but only 1 of 8 fit in the GFC track.

The fit is good width wise. Sound big improvement, mpg I can’t be sure. I’d suggest trying the lower t track before applying frontrunner’s clearprotective tape. Also the photos show I have the rubber gasket pushed down onto the uneven top of my 150, I plan to back that off a bit to reduce squeaking I get when bed and cab move independently.


I have a 2022 V2 on a 2020 F150 and installed the front runner on the front.

I don’t have any pictures right now but I bought the 1475 size. It’s actually a tad small, but it’s their largest option

Here is a picture of the snap in piece GFC sent me for the drain hole. Still allows it to function as a drain but diverts the air around it! Got to love clever solutions!


Here’s another pic.

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Nice! Mine is showing up today.

Thanks for the correction about the T-track/Front Runner. I think I will wait to hear what people say for MPG with the fairing vs without it and just taping or putting the GFC piece in.

Hi zoolabrador,

I have a 2018 F150 SuperCrew. Seems like your wind fairing solution will work well with the V2’s.

Have you noticed any increase in fuel economy? Can you confirm there is no rubbing or issues between fairing and topper when you open up the tent?

Thanks for your recommendation,

Maybe a 2-3mpg difference. I’ve been towing a raft trailer a lot so it’s been hard to get a good sense. Wind noise is way down. I experimented with taping over the drain hole and it’s still noticeably worse than with the fairing. No running or contact with tent when up but I did have to put skateboard tape down to stop the rubber edge of the fairing from squeaking on the cab.

Awesome, thanks for the quick response - 2-3 mpg back would be great, would pay for itself after about 10 tanks. Did you have to chop the fairing brackets at all or were they simply bolt on plug and play? By skateboard tape, do you mean something like adhesive backed sandpaper?

I’ve got a moonroof, wonder if that would result in more or less squeaking with rubber on the bottom of the fairing…

Quick update - got the 1475 Front Runner wind fairing and got it installed just fine, just as @zoolabrador and @HanClanF150 described. I used the smaller T nut for the install. Driving up to Breckenridge tonight, so will have a crash course re: squeakiness.

I’m kinda liking the snowboard as fairing idea. Of course I’m not suicidal enough to actually HAVE a snowboard that I think I could stay up on long enough to justify lookin’ totally dope with it on my GoFast…:joy:

Front Runner 1475mm wind fairing on my 2021 Powerboost F150. I put it on the top rail, drilling an extra hole under the original holes, so is anchored at 2 spots each. Was a royal PITA getting those right land making 2 connectors flip up. And probably unnecessary. But works - totally eliminated the wind howl which was like having the back windows down. Only drove 6 miles to car wash, so don’t know if helps on mpg yet.

On that note - touchless carwash, bone dry tent and bed. Loving this camper! (3345, about 3 weeks old)


Looks really good. I almost did this exact set up, but wasn’t sure if it would help MPG. Currently at 13MPG on a 3.5 and keep looking for ways to get better.

Hot damn that’s low… Are you on 35’s?

34s, I’m switching to 35s next week so I assume I’ll be in the 12 range after that. I lost Around 4 mpg with the camper been trying to get some back ever since