F-150 Tailgate Tips

The only way to open the rear hatch on my camper is to open the tailgate first because the seal is very tight. I was told at install the best way to open the hatch is to unlatch the tailgate and open them at the same time (it works great). The problem is when I am inside, if I close the hatch, it is impossible to open because I can’t open the tailgate from the inside. I am sure I am not the only one with this issue, how do others solve it?

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I fortunately have a remote tailgate release on mine. But for those that don’t, I’ve been wondering this same thing. I would maybe recommend unbolting the panel on the back of your tailgate to see if the latch is accessible from there. That would at least be a start. I might pop mine open for a peek this week just to satisfy my curiosity.

What year f150? I definitely don’t have this problem on my 2012.

2020, 2015+ F150 have a different shape tailgate, it’s 6" wide on the top so it creates weirdness.

When mine is properly closed and latched from the outside, I have to open then the tailgate and the gfc rear hatch at the same time.

When I close the tailgate and then the gfc hatch from the inside I’m not pulling the gfc hatch tight and latching it so I can still just easily push open the gfc hatch

2017 f150

Yes @owennoll, we are doing the same thing. However I would like to be able to latch it shut when inside. I am hoping somebody has figured out a way to do that.

I removed the panel on my tailgate last weekend (just held in with screws), and found that there’s a mechanical latch release in there.

I was planning on just mounting a plywood panel on the tailgate, but will now leave an access hole for this, and maybe some small storage cubbies on the ends.

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@mrbroll this is a great find. thanks for sharing. I am going to do the same.