F150 Cab Rack

Any other F150 owners out there with a V2 GFC? I’m trying to find a cab roof rack that will fit with the GFC and am striking out. Any advice?

I’m not an F150 guy, so I can’t give you any specific recommendations, but I’ve only recently seen racks made that are shortened in length or height to make them fit in front/under the GFC or similar camper canopies. They might not make them for other “less popular” vehicles yet (I say that as a RAM 3500 owner setting his up for Overlanding :joy:). My point is: prior to that, people were just modifying the existing racks available. Depending on where the mounts are, you may have to just thin down the rails to make enough clearance, but ideally you could chop off the back end since it would be unusable anyway. Something to consider, and might give you more options to choose from if you don’t mind doing those kind of modifications. Good luck!

Not really sure what you are looking to carry on the rack but I used this one to mount a wind faring