F150/Raptor Bedside Stiffeners

Added some bed stiffeners/supports from KrazyHouse to my 2020 F-150. I’m sure they are overkill but didn’t want to risk any bed flare/flex. The quality of the product is perfect and install is super simple. Worst case scenario I have super overbuilt bottle openers. :beers:



You think these will work with decked drawer system?

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Yup, the website has a fitment section that confirms that they will work with a Decked system.

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Oh man do i need some of those!

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been wondering about those aluminum sides on my '21 F150. Nice to see what the reinforcers look like. Hope you can update this thread with how they work out for you.

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They’ve been working great. Easy install and the powder coating is holding up perfectly. The bedsides are still in their original position.

FYI - the set of KHC “Tailgater” bed stiffeners pictured above are for sale. I sold my GFC and no longer need them. They are in like new condition. Available for pickup only in the Tacoma, WA area. $160.

In what scenario are these necessary? I don’t really do anything extravagant.