F150 weatherproof bed

Howdy, I want to build out my bed but I want make it weather tight first. Any recommendations on what kind of caulk to use? Where i need to caulk? Also other recommendations on other parts to consider before I plan a build.

I personally didn’t use any caulk, but I have a Ram. Did you reach out to any of the F150 builds to see what they used? I used spray foam, and tailgate seal. That’s it, but I’m ok with a little dust intrusion. Even with the canopy, pre GFC, you just learn to live with it.

That being said, I get way less dust in the truck with the measures I did and the GFC then I did on my Leer canopy.

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I’ve got a 2016 F-150 with a GFC. Honestly man, I haven’t had any issues. Is it a clean room…no. But it’s also no worse than when I had my Century shell. I do have a bed rug. Sure, some dust gets in but it’s just not that bad. My gear isn’t covered in a layer of dust. And water has not been an issue for me at all. I have not installed any additional seals or foams since my install. I don’t see how you make a truck bed weather tight anyway. Hope this helps man.



I appreciate it. I know it’s a outdoor rig so getting dirty is part of it. But if I was to build the bed I wanted to prevent moisture but sounds like I don’t really need to be worried.