F250 Alumiduty build

Thought I would share my build for you to see.

First off I got a RTT from a good friend of mine who is changing up his 4Runner setup so he offered the GFC to me. I do a lot of camping in the back of my truck and have a Rightline in bed truck tent. The Rightline is fantastic I do love their products but after getting zero sleep in mine during a sand storm at Glamis sand dunes I decided I needed to upgrade in some way or another. I would of gone with a 5th wheel but trying to put my CanAm in a 5th wheel just didn’t sound appealing. So I was going to build out a box trailer with living quarters. Well apparently trailers are impossible to come by right now, and the build would of been in the 20k range and it totally take out the appeal of sleeping under the stars.

So I got a GFC and started looking for a rack for my 2019 F250. Leitner desings makes a really nice product but at the 2k price tag and the lead time of a few months I decided to get my creativity on.

Took some measurements and a few napkin drawings. I sat down and drew up my idea in CAD I had to go through a few design changes for aesthetic purposes but came up with a good design and function.

Material procurement:
Due to the fact that I work down the street from Industrial Metal Supply and I have a work relationship with them they supplied me all the materials. Decided on 3”x1.5” x0.083 (14ga) material. Picked up 40’ of material and some 3” 90° angle

I am no fab expert at all! But I do know how geometry works and how to run a mitering saw. Got all of my pieces cut and deburred, built a fixture, and tacked everything together.

It’s amazing what can happen when you have CAD. First try it slipped right in! Had to make some minor clearances for components in the bed of the truck but wow!! First try and nailed it!


Looks great. Love how well it follows the lines of the cab.