F250 GFC on top of a truck cap

I’m buying a GFC that came off my friends 4Runner. I am going to mount it to a truck cap. First question is has anyone mounted a tent to a truck cap and second is how are you doing that?
This picture is of a F150 but is kinda the same concept idea

First question you have to ask is can the cat withstand the weight of the GFC. Find out what your static and dynamic weight of the cap is.

I can get most caps in a HD configuration meaning it’s a 500+ load capacity on the roof.

It would be no different from mounting any other RTT to the top of a shell. You will need some sort of rack or cross bars attached to the shell. Depending on what mounting options were included in the one your friend is selling you should already have the universal crossbar mounts that are pictured on the website. If you need a fancier setup you should reach out to the support team to see what you would need to attach to your specific setup.

i wrote up a rough guide when I mounted a platform RTT to my Raptor. It should be the same for a 250. You’ll need the universal mounts in order tp mount to a cap. Here is a link to the post I made about it: GFC RTT Mounting to a Cap

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