F8 and the Art of Being There- GFC Photography Club

I learned earlier this week from one of the GFC crew that there were in his words… "a surprising number of members of our group that use their GoFastCampers to get out and do photography.

If photography is one of the things that get you off the couch and out the door on a great adventure please consider posting photos that you have taken. A story is always appreciated that gives insight to the location, the event, the effort it took to get to the photo or anything you would enjoy sharing.

Here’s a photo I shot near Camp Hale in central Colorado on a very snowy day…


One of the main reasons my GFC exists is to get me into places where I can be there early for shots

Here are some from different trips this year, cedar Mesa, Montana /Yellowstone in the winter, and a bird refuge in the middle of the west desert.


If anyone is interested in a little photo trip in SE Utah 13th - 16th of January. Hopefully get some shots early AM in hovenweep, some shots in cedar Mesa and some shots of monument valley and the bluff balloon festival let me know.

Photography focused so expect lots of sitting around grousing about the light not being perfect and wondering if it is too early to put whiskey in my coffee.


@ScottH never too early for whiskey, never to late for coffee…


Hey Scott! Thanks for sharing your photos. A meet-up sounds great. I’ll be in Mexico in mid-January but will be game for getting together sometime in February if that is an option.

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My only February trip planned currently is going to be in the Tetons doing landscape photos with my youngest and finding random places to camp on the side of the road. But I am sure I will have a trip to southern Utah as well.

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I’m interested. For no good reason at all I’ve barely touched the camera lately. Unfortunately I can’t make that Jan trip because I already have a Tahoe ski trip booked then but hopefully it happens again.

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Today the GFC gave me a comfy place to warm up and edit pics in the middle of salt lake city


My eye is drawn to quirky intersections of humanity, nature, landscape. Like here in the UT high desert where few traverse.


That’s great! Thanks for sharing this photo with the group.

Keep 'em coming!!!


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Back road snow scene near where I live in central Colorado…


great shot, love the fence going off in the distance. been on the search for a nice scene like this to play with my large format setup.

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Bravo Sir. Beautiful work.

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Thanks, guys! For a time I didn’t really enjoy shooting in winter to much. I was just tired of snow!
Then one day I realized that snow can be pretty fun if I focus on snow as “negative space”. I have quite a few images that are very minimalistic due to the use of negative space.

Here’s another shot with the same vibe. I have a series of images that follow a theme of “Winter Ranch Live in the Mountains”.


BadAss folks! Below are a few photos I snapped in Gunnison Colorado


Is anyone else shooting with the new Canon bodys? R1 R5 R6 R6MKII I’m using an R6 and i love it


Hi Chris! Thank you for joining in and sharing.

I shoot with Nikon gear. Completely mirrorless now. Also, have a 4x5 film camera that is fun to pull out on occasion.

Can’t go wrong with Canon cameras and lenses!!!

Keep posting… we’re glad you’re part of the group.

Happy trails…


Last Cannon I had was a AE1
Haven’t made the jump to mirrorless yet still shooting on my Nikon D850 and on occasion my 4x5 film cameras when I am feeling nostalgic or want to do something different :slight_smile:

I used to use Canon but made the switch to Sony about 5 years ago and have really been enjoying their mirrorless bodies and lenses.