Fabric upgrade on the V1?

I have one of the first campers that had an almost vinyl material sides and was wondering if anyone here upgraded to the new fabric? Really wanting to do it for more windows/doors, easier to close as I have the 3 inch mattress that they did early on which makes it a bear to close sometimes.

Do you feel the almost 1k dollars for new material was worth it just to have lighter material and more windows/doors??

It’s been so long that I can’t remember if my V1 fabric had the side door. I believe I upgraded to the v2 fabric for the side door. It has been worth it in my opinion.

I haven’t put it on yet - but I bought the new tent for the side doors.

I had the original tent fabric and 3" cushions but was warrantied the 2nd tent version with the side door. Having the door is nice but I find it only marginally easier to close the tent up. If I had to pay 1K for the upgrade, I probably wouldn’t.

I’ve been asking @GFC_Taylor about this for a while. I wanted to upgrade to the newer 3 door version, but he said that their fabric area is constantly backed up. Last I heard is that it would be a while before they are caught up. Now with their newer design, I’m sure they are going to hopefully be more efficient but we shall see.

this just went up for sale @upsguy

@d.shaw @upsguy Won’t fit the XL camper unfortunately

whoops my bad - duh…

I bought a V1 gen 1 tent with the 3" mattress, I thought is was just me having a tough time closing it. That 3" mattress sure is comfortable, though.

Ya I love the ability to have more open viewing (especially in the summer) but not sure I can justify the want for the price tag.

Maybe there is someone who wants to trade?? Anyone looking for the original material as it’s great for colder climates???

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