Factory truck bed liner "stuck"

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First post! I would like to replace the plastic factory bed liner with a Bedrug, the problem is that the plastic factory liner “hooks” over the front side of the truck bed and the camper is sitting on top of the bed liner. Didn’t catch this at the time of installation.

I don’t have a way to lift the camper off the truck bed by myself to “unhook” the bed liner. Also, I’m not crazy about undoing the original bulb seals.

I’m about 2.5 hours from the installer (Stellar Built, Sacramento, CA) and not sure how much they’d charge.

I was thinking about using Dremel to cut the bed liner so that I don’t have to remove the camper and could pull out the bed liner but wanted to see if y’all had any other ideas?

Or wondering if I could get 2 buddies to lift the front of the camper (not sure how heavy) while I pull the bed liner out? I’m guessing I would have to replace the bulb seal at the front since the bed liner is about 4mm thick.


It is pretty easy to lift one end. I take mine on and off as needed and just do a back squat inside the truck bed and slide a 2x4 underneath. With a friend helping you could easily do what you need. You’ll want a new bulb seal for sure but GFC sells them pretty cheap

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Camper is about 300lbs. If you can get enough friends to help it can be done at home. You just need a new bulb seal kit. GFC also have a tutorial video on how to apply the bulb seal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXEBr-5PS34&ab_channel=GoFastCampers If you don’t plan on ever reinstall your original bed liner then you could have Stellar do it for you.

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Thanks for this suggestion. When you do a “back squat” are you pushing up on the 4th panel?

If the camper is closed you can get it to lift anywhere, but the 4th fixed panel is of course a bit easier to get a solid lift.

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