Fate of the Superlite?

So sometime last week I read that GFC was going to be making some announcements about the Superlite. I know they’ve stopped selling them and will deliver all that have been sold. Was that the announcement - or is them further info coming regarding it’s fate?

is there going to be a V2 all made in the USA?

Is it completely gone forever?

Hey Kenny - Thanks for highlighting this! We truly appreciate the patience customers have shown as we worked out the finer details of our strategy moving forward. The team will be dropping a press release regarding the future of the SuperLite RTT platform on the forum and website this week.

Sorry to be a bit of a tease, but hold tight for just a bit longer and everyone will get the answers here.

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Nice. I’m anxiously awaiting to hear the plans of IMHO one if the best rtt on the market. Hoping it has a bright future.