Favorite color sheets in the Stone Grey tent?

This is a bit of a dorky question, feel free to ignore if this kind of thing seems frivolous to you.

I have the Stone Grey tent. The roof has that yellowish cast, the stone grey fabric is ever so slightly purple brown inside, and the cushions are green. With the doors closed and sun pouring down, it’s a little bit of a strange lighting environment. I’ve been in the tangerine tents and it’s different.

I bought the grey/silver Hovernaut quilt and I like the lighting environment better when the green squares are covered. I think things could be improved with a set of sheets to remove the green cast. .

Do you have a set of sheets, blanket, or sleeping bag of some certain color that really improves the interior?

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I have the stone grey tent and the silver Hoverquilt too. I went with the yellow sheets from Overland Softgoods and think it all works really well together.

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Thanks @jedgar - that is indeed good looking.

@Buhlockaye has the black n white checkered.

Blue dude!

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I have the original GFC red buffalo check sheets. My awesome wife just happened to find a flannel sheet set that matched perfectly so I have the flat sheet and pillow cases to go with it. It’s like a lumberjack puked up a flannel shirt in there :smile:


Blue plaid FTW

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Love my black and white but the classic red and black would look great as well. Can’t go wrong with any of the overland soft goods sheets though!

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Thanks @Buhlockaye Any chance you have a pic of those in the camper?

@Vice_Chief Unfortunately only one I have currently but once it warms up this afternoon I’ll update with a better photo


Here’s a pic of my black and white sheets with stone grey


Thanks so much!

Does anyone else feel like this with the grey tent? Do you wish you went with orange?

I like all the colors!!! Living at 7,000 feet elevation, where nights are chilly all year long, I really like using our fleece sheets. They are super soft and comfy!


Very much prefer the subdued look considering everything else I have isn’t subtle…. Gray all day long


Most of the camping I do is attempting secrecy so I am glad I don’t have a yellow tent (I don’t even think tent fabric color was an option when I got mine). That being said, the yellow does look good on Instagram.


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For what it’s worth, my original logic was to be less conspicuous. However since I’m using my tent mostly near populated areas (at least right now) it makes little difference.