Feature Requests

  • Chat room
  • A wiki page for FAQs people can edit and reply to, so things don’t get lost in a bunch of threads.
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Appreciate the feedback, open to other site structure changes as well in terms of the categories available. Kinda hard to hit in one pass without it happening organically.

Will check out chat options, looks like we might be able to accommodate that relatively easily. The FAQ would be solid, check out the features in discourse, which is the platform we are using here.


Structural Change to GFC Forum
Would like to see the “Go Fast News” page limited to GFC news, announcements, and comments from GFC only. Forum members should not be allowed access to this section.
Any need for discussion of their information should be done by members opening a thread in the “GFC Discussion” section (as it operates now). GFC can , if they wish, monitor the discussions and clarify their position with a revised announcement.
This will allow owners to quickly search for news and issues GFC has addressed and any changes made.


i would like to see an archive of different topics, tips, trips, mods, maint. etc

The ability to attach gpx files to posts and messages would be nice