Feb 10 install for grabs

Hello everyone,

Due to COVID and some unfortunate events, I have to sell my spot and my set up. installation is set for feb 10th, at 10am. it has every feature you can get and the invoice totaled to 8200 and some change. if anyone is interested in skipping the price increase and the wait. let me know and we can email GFC together after payment. Im not sure how to get build numbers or check the progress but I can find out. all I know is that its scheduled and confirmed for feb 10th at 10am.

What truck is it for or is it not decided on yet?

My bad Toyota Tacoma and I have the build number #2996

Interested if (not decided on yet), meaning that the build has yet to be defined. I have a midsize truck with a 5’ bed. Based on other threads (need to confirm w/ GFC) the transfer is just for the deposit.

The invoice has already been paid in full, this isn’t just a deposit swap. Also, configurations have been decided. If you purchase this from me your paying me in full and then we transfer through GFC.

I’m interested and set you a message.