Few pics from a quick Baja surf trip

Spent a few days surfing in SoCal and then my wife flew in and we drove down to Cuatro Casas. It’s a little out of the way surf hostel about 4 hours south of Tijuana.

I’ve camped in worse places

I bolted in the last of the new drawer setup the morning I left town, they got a good shake down while down there.

pull up a seat at the bar


Fantastic. I haven’t done a baja trip like this before. Would love to join for a surf!

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Wow that looks like an epic trip! Hope you scored!

Those drawers look awesome. DIY I assume yeah?


I had a friend help with them. He has a company doing van buildouts but he enjoyed this enough that I think he’s going to start offering these as well.

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They look awesome. I really want to get a singular side drawer for my set up. I’d be interested in possibly purchasing a set up from him if he’d be down

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I bet he’d be psyched to work on that. Here’s his website:

Under the gallery section there’s a bunch more pics of my drawers that I took on this trip. Not pictured is a pretty slick cutting board that slides out and is built into the drawer on the passenger side, I’ve gotta get him some new pics of that, it wasn’t ready for this trip.

Just missed you! We got back last Saturday


I took a trip down there about a week ago. Howling 20+ knot winds most of the time. Wanted to surf but ended up flying a crazy kite most of the time.

We can help too, especially if you are looking for something custom. Check out www.4WD-Mod.com.

I really like the use of extrusion on your build @dfinn , think I’ll take some inspiration from that.

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