Fiberglass Panels GFC conflict

I would like to gather some information / feedback on using a GFC with fiberglass panels. What I do know is if used with some truck caps there are some slight modifications needed therefore the lines never match well unless your an artist.

To reduce weight and be able to run larger tires the thought of fiberglass panels has sparked my interest however if anyone can provide some information concerning this topic would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and safe wheeling everyone!

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Just last week I installed a camper on a Tundra with fiberglass bedsides.

The only issue was the the pass. side bedcap protruded past the t-track rails inside the bed.

This was remedied by notching the fiberglass where the bed mount brackets were supposed to go.

Other than this, it worked great!

Oh they also had the Total Chaos bed stiffers, which is a necessity in my eyes as Tupperware isn’t very rigid


You can always ask the fiberglass company for advice,