Figuring out how to instal awning

I tried finding this topic and couldn’t yet, so here’s my question: i have a V2 camper and just bought a iKamper exoshell 270 awning. The stumper for me is how to install it. It weighs 66 pounds, so it seems like i need to use 4 universal mounting brackets. The pickle is: the iKamper only comes with 2 mounting brackets (and they won’t sell me 2 more, they only have as many brackets as they do awnings.) Their brackets attach by 2 carriage bolts from their T slots and at the bottom there’s a hook/ lip that supports their bottom. So… without more of their brackets with the hook/lip bottom, the best that I’m coming up with is their brackets mated to 2 GFC brackets, and then 2 more GFC brackets simply bolted to their T rail bolts. Does that make sense or is there an obviously better answer that I’m not comprehending

Do you have a photo of the awning/mount surface?

Hope these help