Finding camping spots in the winter

In Colorado most of the forest roads and BLM land i’m used to camping on close. I’m planning a trip and I am wondering where people camp in the winter without being super out in public (always the backup plan to stealth camp in parking lots).

So far i’ve found this:
A map of BLM land that doesn’t close in the winter season, and there are a couple roads that are close to some major ski towns that don’t close down.

National Forest seems a bit harder, they basically close everything that gets snow to motorized vehicles.

Are trailheads for snowmobile/ski touring areas an option?
Any other quiet overnight parking options?



Have you checked out iOverlander?

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Are you looking at specific areas within CO or just in general? Just camping, or looking to do other things as well?

I typically use onX Offroad along with Avenza (for downloading MVUMs).

Specifically looking for areas near ski resorts that don’t close to snow. I’ve been using Gaia and avenza for mapping it out however gaia lacks the winter closure information so its’ harder to find spots that are actually viable. Specifically I am looking for spots near Aspen, Silverthorne and Steamboat springs that are still open.

Browse the chatter in this FB forum. It’s specifically for your question, and that question is asked there nearly every day year-round. As you’ve found… it takes a lot of research and beta gathering to find such needles in haystacks… Ikon and Epic Pass Van and RV Dwellers | Facebook.

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I’m divulging a spot I found last week in Silverthorne, before skiing at Keystone.

If the link does not work, it was the north end (overflow parking) at 309 Rainbow Dr, Silverthorne, CO 80498. There was an 18-wheeler parked close to the store, and a Tacoma with a solid camper on it with someone else in it.

I appreciate the other links…I will bookmark them.
Safe travels and Happy New Year!


I am in Steamboat and there’s quite a few that are just outside of town


In Wisconsin we have a handful of state parks that remain open during the winter with limited services available. You still have to book sites ahead of time but it’s a reduced rate and many vacancies.

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Found and stayed at a spot 20 minutes outside of Aspen for 3 days and it’s private and quiet! Requires a couple hundred feet of snow wheeling so it keeps the crowds and vans out.
DM me if you want the location! I see why this info is hard to find, definitely want to keep it on the lowdown.


And here I am the guy who just finds truck stops and or small pull offs and put up a sign

“too tired to drive safely, sleeping so I can be safe when I continue my journey, thanks for helping me keep the roads safe”


I’ve done some stealth camping in Steamboat but it was illegal, I’ve heard of people camping by the skatepark by the river. You ever see that?

Just got s diesel heater and want to head up to Steamboat this season a couple times

Steamboat is one of those towns where it’s really hard to distinguish the difference between open space, residential and commercial areas at times and I’ve seen a fair amount of stealth camping going on but at the same time it’s one of those towns where someone knows someone who knows someone and I’ve seen it being utilized to good effect ( not I as I’m about 8 miles outside the town proper)

The KOA here on the edge of town is open year-round and I’ve seen quite a few people camping on the side of the road as you head towards Hayden


Heck yea. Thanks man

I’d love to know of anything up near Eldora that folks want to share…though I know thats like asking for someones ssn, or worse, lol

Edit to add: if someone here has land I’ll gladly pay and will keep to ourselves. Kiddo has early morning ski lessons and getting up from the city early is rough.


I’d chip in! @TearingOut55, we will need to get a family Eldora ski meet up at some point. Our daughter starts lessons at Winter Park Saturday and we were just at Eldora last weekend.

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I’ve had decent luck with HipCamp and finding local land owners who allow camping on their property, typically for a small fee.

There isn’t much public / BLM land out east as there is our west (I’m in Western NY), so this has been a helpful method for me.

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