First Gen Tundra fitment issue

Has anyone had issues with their camper fitting properly on a first gen tundra? I have a V1 and the front angle of the camper pushes the camper back a bit where it doesn’t make good contact across the front bed rail. This has led to water intrusion in the front and latch issues in the back. I’ve noticed there doesn’t seem to be an angle on V1’s, they pretty much go up at a 90 degree and curious if all the campers for first gen’s have an angle or if mine is a fluke. Any info appreciated, thanks

First Gen Tundra AC owner here. A few comments:

  1. There is a pinch weld under the bed where the bed floor meets the back wall. I cleaned it with acetone and then sealed with one-sided butyl tape. That pinch weld is designed to drain the bed when wet.

  2. There are two bolt holes in my bed wall. Those can leak as well. Seal as necessary.

  3. Add some traction on the bed rail and it will help to hold the bulb seal in place and prevent movement. The bed wall can flex a bit.

Bonus: Remove your bedrail caps > clean with acetone and then put aluminum ducting tape down > reinstall bedrail caps. Made a huge difference in water and dust intrusion for me.

Hope this helps! I love my 1Gen Tundra with a GFC. Such a great combo.