First mods for new GFC owners

Getting my GFC in September! What are some of the first mods you recommend?

I’m an avid hunter and fisherman. I snowboard during the winter and wheel my truck.

I did buy the dual color led kit from Mat Gecko Led.

Please make some recommendations.


The best super simple mod we have done with ours, period, has been cutting the metal zipper pulls off and replacing them all with cord pulls. Makes the tent so much quieter in the wind.


Shitco awning kit for sure!


replace most of the accessory screws in the frame with eye bolts and hooks. they are 1/4"-20 thread IIRC. then on the inside of the front panel I made a bungee cargo net to store pillows and blankets and jackets. that was somebody else’s idea on this forum… can’t remember who

and these


Then there was this

I second the @shittco awning blocks, and also the Overland Softgoods sheets and mattress topper.


Love the bubble levels. And sheets and mattress topper are a must imo. I’ve got Overland Softgoods sheets, which are great, and I cut my own topper panels to go underneath. I’ll also put a vote in for a bed rug. Really makes crawling around inside the camper a much more enjoyable experience. Also I’ve enjoyed the vrnclr tent organizer, but any old amazon special will work. Without some sort of organizer you’ll have keys, phones, knives floating around the tent in no time.


It’s hard to narrow down to just a few, but many of the mods that I think make a big impact are relatively inexpensive.

Dust intrusion:


  • Huge on comfort if you plan on spending any time hanging out in the camper, jumping down from the bed, etc.
  • Helps with insulation
  • Helps with Dust


  • Jedgar mag spots - Just so simple, affordable, and elegant to get lights in your camper right away.
  • Jedgar step ups - make getting up and down out of the bed so easy
  • Jedgar drip rails - keep water out of the backseat


Do yourself a favor and skip the factory GFC sheets. They are fine, but OverlandSoftgoods sheets and toppers really made the GFC comfortable.

I’d start with these guys. Still tons of other simple things you can do. Adding a bed/storage netting in the front. Pockets on the ceiling. Etc


Dust management before install is imperative. All the suggestions are great. If you intend on building out any kind of platform bed. I would either put in air bags or a leaf pack for the added weight of the camper and any extra gear.

If you plan on winter use, get a diesel heater of some kind. Which will require a min 100ah power system of some kind. The diesel heater is the best option for drying gear. I’ve done a lot of winter use and the heater is clutch at drying gloves, liners etc.

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@jedgar drip rails and step blocks. Josh just makes a ton of cool well made stuff.

@shiitco awning poles.

There are literally hundreds of cool add ons.


“…If you intend on building out any kind of platform bed. I would either put in air bags or a leaf pack for the added weight of the camper and any extra gear.”

Unless you have an F150, which doesn’t need suspension support for just 500 lbs :laughing:
But wish I had put in the bedrug, for less dust.


Does the diesel stink?

If you spill any for sure. But as long as your exhaust is sealed and properly positioned away from the intake air. It’s good to go.

There’s some quirks with my set up that cause a slight diesel smell.

Figure now was a good time to share this here as well. We recently made a little blog post about our favorite under $35 mods we did to our GFC.


those edge guards work great for other things. :point_down: my camper came with zipper pulls. did they stop putting them on? I like the handle up top but it’s more useful inside the back door to pull it closed from in the bed

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. Yes! Start here!/Go-Fast-Camper-Accessories/c/113909263


What was your method putting pockets on the ceiling? I’ve struggled with adhesion because of how hot the summer gets and melts the glue off.