First Official GFC Customer Campout

Hey All!

We are hosting our first ever GFC Customer Camp Out up here in Montana! An email has already been sent out to customers coming up for installation.


When: Saturday, August 20th @1700
Where: Revenue Flats, near Norris MT (specific TBD based on # of people)
What: Yard Games, beers and good people in the woods
Who: Myself and a few employees along with all of y’all

This campout is open to all GFC customers if you will be in the area, please come. All I ask is that you RSVP via DM.

I will be making a separate thread for all upcoming campouts/meet ups/ETC as well.


Well let’s see some pics! Can’t wait for my install next week!

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Sad I wasn’t able to attend this. I’ll be watching out for future GFC events. I would really love to attend.



We will absolutely do more larger events in the future. This was a small event open to customers coming up for install and it was quite an awesome event. Look out for some GFC events this next year!

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Pics will come once I get them all. For now here are two of our campsite from the


Looks like a great spot and fantastic turnout! Can’t wait to join the crew and have a great time out after our install :wink: wife is already deep into packing and the truck is almost ready. Now if the powder coat comes through for us tomorrow so we are ready to leave Wednesday.