First time cross country road trip

Hey will be my first time going cross country! Going from la area to Vermont. Anyone got any tips for the trip or any neccesties I’ll need with my GFC, thanks!

these changed long journey’s in the tacoma for me

Hi. I enjoy staying at a KOA campground and having electricity for an electric blanket when it’s cold. KOAs have nice clean showers too. It costs more, but simple things like that can make travel much more enjoyable. KOAs aren’t for everyone, but nice facilities make the experience more betterest, IMO. That’s my 2 cents…


Oh yeah, what a fun trip. Summer I would stay north mostly and of course stay south in winter, but don’t necessarily stick to that if there is a particular something you want to experience go for it north or south. Talk to other travelers when you get gas or lunch and find out the scenic routes and hidden gems. I use Gaia Maps on a iPad mini, it shows FS and dirt/gravel backcountry type roads, you can also identify BLM land for some free camping, it’s a good app but you have to subscribe to get the full meal deal, it has a little learning curve, not bad. I personally keep my itinerary real loose with a few must see things that I really want to hit. I pad the schedule with plenty of extra days. I stay off interstates and take back roads as much as possible and explore when I’m digging the area, if I want to spend a extra day at that isolated pristine lake I found I go ahead and stay a extra day, there’s a day hike that looks interesting, I’ll stay another day and do that tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with KOA type camping once in a while to blow the stink off and get your junk cleaned up and reorganized, do laundry, wifi, stock up, poop sitting on a regular real toilet seat, hot shower. I just couldn’t do a steady diet, but nothing wrong with it at all, hey man, we are enjoying the outdoors bottom line. Have fun.

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Most cabelas have free overnight parking for RVs. I’ve used the GFC at them when I’m in a bigger city. Just call ahead to make sure.
Get the music dialed in with some good playlists. Audio books really great for long road trips too.
Organization with some action packer bins or something similar so when you’re exhausted from driving all day you know where all your shit is.
Check roadtrippers app. You input what types of things you wanna see along your route and it’ll show you some cool stuff.
Enjoy, drive safe!

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I second the audio books. Look up scenic routes along your route, often times they only add 15-30 minutes and they’re well worth the detour. Find local food and beer instead of doing the chain restaurants. Most states/regions have Reddit and or Facebook pages that have really good insider info on them. Have fun! If you’re looking for things to do up in the VT/NH area, let me know


definitely get a 12 volt fridge for cold pop, snacks and beer

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DO NOT buy a 2lb. bag of Twizzlers while restocking on the road. New rule of mine.


Hahaha Hahaha! Good advice.

haha very good! useful for me too

Born and Raised in the Great State of Vermont. I moved to Bend Oregon for about 10 years. Love Vermont. Definitely check out Ben and Jerrys when you get to Vermont.
I might also recommend checking out Long Trail State Forest just north of Johnson, Vt.
100C out of Johnson to Eden, then jump on 118 North then down 109 through Belvidere.
Serious some of my favorite part of VT.

If you need any suggestions when you arrive to VT I’m here. I know the entire state very well.