First “work from wherever” trip

Sooooo the company finally told me I could work from anywhere in the US and I’m taking advantage.

I am leaving July 1st and the map above shows the outward track only… but he last 2 stops being Seattle and Whistler British Columbia. I am a big mountain biker and so is my girlfriend we will be mountain biking at all the stops the road trip will be me and my dog and she is flying out to meet me at each of the destinations that are currently marked on the map. I will be staying in each of those destinations for at least one week on my way out With two weeks in Bentonville and three or four weeks in Seattle.

I have not chosen my track back yet but as long as I can find Wi-Fi during the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM East Coast I can pretty much be anywhere.

If you live in any of these areas or in an area that it looks like I’ll be passing through please reach out to me and give me some contact information. I love meeting like-minded people whether it’s just for dinner and a beer or riding on some trails. I’m definitely looking to do plenty of overland, riding and mountain biking in each of those locations and I am especially interested in blackbear pass and Imogene pass while I’m in Colorado.
I do have some contacts in each of these areas but you can never have too many friends let’s hear from everybody.


Live in SW CO. I’ve done Imogene on a dirtbike, never on a bike! I haven’t done Blackbear Pass. There is weeks worth of good stuff down here but you will need to plan WiFi accordingly depending on how strong of a signal you need.

Last summer we did Denver–>Crested Butte–>Ouray–>Ridgeway–>Telluride–>Moab. Slept in the truck and did fun things in the evenings and hit a library or coffee shop for WiFi during the day.

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Definitely have to hit beacon hill in Spokane Wa on your way through it’s our little mtb Mecca on this side of the state

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I see you’re passing i10 in Louisiana… I’d be down for some boiled crawfish!

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I’d also invest in Starlink. It’s been a game changer. I worked in some epic spots last year in Montana

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Message me when you get to Seattle. The I90 corridor is poppin!


Definitely looking to do Imogene and blackbear in the truck lol but hit some mountain biking trails while I’m out there Southwest Colorado probably gonna be in line for my trip back. I just don’t know how long I’m going to stay.

Absolutely will thank you

Pretty sure it’s on the list… I’m literally going to be staying with some mountain biking friends that moved from here in Florida out there and it is my longest stop on the trip so I know I’ll be hitting a lot of the local mountain bike places completely not looking forward to hike a bike up to the top cause I live in Florida and shits flat here but still looking forward to it

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That will be next year. This is my first year out and I’ve made a good plan so that all of my stopping points have landline Wi-Fi residential that I can get a hold of if things go well this year I will invest in a star link and absolutely plan on working from the top of a mountain somewhere

Right on! Let me know if you need anything.

Been out here 11 years but grew up in Florida as well.

When you make it to Spokane send me a message just getting in to mtb, but born and raised in the area so can give some spots and ideas for when your here for some camping