Fishing rod transportation

What have people come up with to transport rods with their GFC? I’ve seen rod pods mounted to the side so far but wanted to see if anyone else has come up with anything. Ill be running 2 200W solar panels on my beef bars and space is gonna be tight.

I am looking at picking up the Riversmith River Quiver 4 Banger as budget allows

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that’s a pretty sweet rod tube setup. I was looking at getting the Yakima topwater box for most of my rods and its around the same price.

I primarily fly fish which the river quiver was designed for. With 9’, 9’6” and 10’ rods, I need something that doesn’t require me to break down the rod.

Yeah I have fly fished on occasion, but for the most part a huge panfish guy. My rods are max 7,5" and also mainly one piece.

Pan fish are a blast on a 2 or 3WT fly rod. I primarily do steelhead, salmon, big rainbow and brown trout