Fit between rigs

Hey Everyone -

Hoping to pick up a used GFC V2 platform. I found one that’s currently on a 6’ new ranger and I have a 2021 tacoma (6’ bed as well). Do you know if this would work on mine? The measurements I got from the seller are smaller than the dimensions of my bed by enough to question it.


trade your ranger for a taco! good to go.

they are all unique, so i think the answer is no - they won’t work. is it possible that you could maybe make it work? maybe - but unless you are getting a really good price on it, you should just get the one that’s proper for your vehicle.


While our lives would be easier if there were universal truck beds, we design each camper specific to the bed rails of each make, model, year and length. Given our current lead times allow for most customers to schedule within 8-10 weeks, we would suggest getting a new camper built out to your truck specs and set the options that YOU want. Unless you’re willing to wait for a used option specific to your vehicle, that’s the only route we suggest.