Fitted sheet too tight?

Hey all, anyone else’s fitted sheets really snug? I read about ppl putting another layer of foam under them and there’s no way that would work for me. Thinking I may have been given the regular size instead of xl on accident.

Mine (regular, non xl) are also very very tight. I mostly done use them and use the ones I did a shorty diy job on.

Mine are so small the won’t even go on (I also have an XL). Didn’t try them until last month. Cheaper to make replacements than try to get them fixed.

My standard sheets were far too tight! The big cushion was a giant bowl and couldn’t even come close to lying flat.

I had to make relief cuts in the elastic and restitch them. Then after sitting for weeks they will relax to where the corners ‘only’ stick up about an inch.

When I wash them (cold water/ low dry) they get pretty tight again and it takes days to relax to how you see them in pic.!

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I ordered the red standard sheets on 2/25 and immediately got an email stating they were backordered. One week later I emailed asking for a follow up ETA date. Mike replied stated they do not have any estimate as to when the sheets will be back in stock, that they were having issues with their vendor. Maybe the tight sheet issue? He said once they are back in stock they will ship, however it’s been a month with no updates. Hoping after the lockdown blows over they are able to supply sheets that fit.

Yeah similar story for me too. A family member purchased the standard sheets for my birthday last month and got an e-mail stating they were backordered. Still no word on when they’re coming…

GoFast Sheet Sets now available at:

They are designed to fit over the OEM mattress and also fit with a one inch topper added. This is accomplished by using shock cord and cord-lock instead of the thin elastic ribbon used on home bed sheets.

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