Flight Deck Shipped!

It’s already been produced: @GFC had one of the first ones on his Raptor.

Appreciate the info, but to be fair, produced is quite a bit different than prototyped and built for one vehicle.

When can I get on the website and buy one for my 5.5ft bed length f150?

I’m crossing my fingers for a tundra flight deck as well. On one of their Instagram live streams, they mentioned that the flight decks were on hold at the moment while they are working on ramping up production times, etc.

I’m still hoping for a flight deck for the Colorado’s but I’m getting near the point where I can’t wait any longer and will start looking at other solutions for my bed/organization storage if they don’t have an update regarding the development of expansion of their flight deck line. But based off one of their recent live Q&A’s it looks like this is a low priority for them which is unfortunate for all us non-Tacoma owners.

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I’m with you. I love the flight deck design, but don’t have a tacoma.

I hope there’s enough of us that want it and the demand will increase that they will turn their attention back to it.

I was planning on storing the tire under the flight deck, but I may look at the AEV tire mount for my truck, and figure out other methods to store my gear.

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Me too. I like it because I can put all my clutter and stuff under the deck, then keep the platform clear, use the tie downs for fridge, battery, and anything else if needed.

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Not a flight deck but here was my solution. I have 2 dogs and my girlfriend has a dog. With the 5ft bed Tacoma I wanted to give them as much room and comfort as possible for long trips. This doubles as a stealth camper setup with just me and my pups.


  1. Large under platform storage for bigger objects, (Skimboards, snowboards, camp chairs, bins etc)
  2. Strong enough to hold ~500lbs “dynamic” moving dogs on the road
  3. Water resistant. Skimboards, surfboards dogs… Things get messy
  4. Removable, may need the whole bed for some things.

3 aluminum dunnage racks from webstaruant store. These are 1" square bar 36"x20"x8". They span the length of my bed (5ft Tacoma). You could also use up to a 40" wide to make the center pocket bigger and use only 1,2 or 3 units to span the bed length.

HDPE 3/8" X 60" X 60". I originally wanted 1/2" and I think it would work still, and possibly save some weight. I got a really good deal on some scrap pieces of 3/8" though, so that’s what it is. I made 6 pieces of 20"x28" and a center spine of 2 pieces 2"x30". This setup allows me to lift up cushions and the panels to access small items that could be stuck under the back of the platform.

3 pieces 2" foam cut to 20" X 58"
3 covers from coversansall website.
Good news is they are supposed to be boat cushions which aren’t obsurdly marked up right now.

2 common boards 1x6 60". I keyed in a few pieces of 1/2" ply scrap so that they would lock in the bed grooves, and cut a hole for the bed mounts with a paddle bit. I also used scrap pieces of ply to lock the racks into place so the whole thing can’t move side to side.


I just bought a used flight deck for my long bed taco. Any chance you still have your install instructions handy?

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Are they going to bring this back to production?

Do any of you flight deck folks have your installation instructions on hand? I have one and would like to install but no instructions. Wondering if I could get a copy from someone.

Send me a DM I have the PDF file…

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