Floor Options? Tacoma

Super stoked to have picked up my GFC last week-already got a few nights in it.

Overall, I need my truck to still be capable of truck stuff so I’m leery of getting too fancy with the build-out. I also camp as a means to an end (climbing, biking, boating) so comfort isn’t super paramount.

That being said, the ribbed bed of my taco is pretty lame for living in.

I tried searching this forum for options and didn’t find it discussed directly. What are people doing? What are my options?

I run a Bed Rug Impact that is really nice, but I think a lot of taco guys run a rubber mat. Hopefully some of the Tacoma guys can help.

I put a Toyota OEM bed mat in there and never looked back. Pretty basic but gets it done and prevents things from sliding around, no ribs either. I also swapped out the ribbed tailgate panel for a trailgate panel, nice for cooking/sitting/loading the truck.

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Snagged some free carpet and padding from the local flooring store. Does wonders for the knees; best part is I don’t feel bad ruining it and can just get a new piece as needed. Regardless the carpet defiantly adds that “cozy” vibe inside for camping

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I built a plywood subfloor in my Tundra. Cut a 3/4" finished plywood sheet to size, slathered on Kilz anti-mold primer, then wrapped in indoor/outdoor rug. Its been a gamechanger when using the GFC. You could probably get away with 1/2". Its held up well while camping as well as doing usual truck stuff, had a 3t jack rolling around back there and no signs of damage on the rug.

I was pretty impressed with the bedrug in @Nolgore’s Colorado the other day. If I do a full build out, I may consider that route to save some weight

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I have two pieces of outdoor carpet stacked without padding. Eliminates the ribs mostly, but if I had it to do again, I’d do padding. I cover my carpet with a bed shaped tarp that I cut. It can be rolled up when I need to be a little cozier. The tarp controls mud and any other wet messes…


@pat_man Lots of good opportunities to screw or tap into the wood subfloor for tie downs etc. I’ll be interested to check out the rig :call_me_hand:t2:

I’ve got a BedRug mat in mine. Works pretty well, no complaints.

I put a 1/2" sheet of plywood in, stained it blue, and sealed it. Easy to keep clean and it eliminates the Tacoma ribs on the knees. I put down a rubber mat I got at Ikea to contain any mud.

OEM Tacoma bedmat, came with when I purchased my 2021 Off-Road new. It’s sturdy enough to handle anything I throw at it, light enough to pull out and power-wash when needed, and keeps things from moving around the bed. That being said, it doesn’t provide a ton of cushion for my old-man knees, but it’s a ton better than the bare, ridged floor.

I plan on living with it for a bit after I get my GFC installed, then deciding if I want to go plywood/padding/carpet route. Depends on how much time I end up spending in the bed of the truck.

I ran a bedmat for a while then went with a bedrug. I know some people who do more extensive builds makes a baseplate out of Baltic birch to attach things to.

5 Foot bed tacoma and I went with the bed rug. I moved my fridge to the seat delete in the cab. Wanted the extra space in the rear vs having to deal with the fridge being in the way also.

The bed rug is amazing for crawling around back there and doesn’t hurt the knees. I also have a mountain hatch tailgate insert and use the padded bed rug section to make a pad for my knees while crawling in and out.

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I picked up recently too, I’m going with cheap and light (for now)
I ended up picking up these foam floor mats from harbor freight

I bought two packs and used 6 squares in total for my shortbed tacoma. Cut them around the fenders and shortened before the tailgate.

I did the same as MT_Taco18 and have been pleased with the result. Pretty painful to kneel anywhere on the stock set up…now between the flat tailgate panel and OEM mat it’s pretty comfortable. I’d go this same route if I had to do it over.

My Tacoma came with a bedrug. It’s nice enough to walk barefoot on and you can kneel comfortably and durable enough that I can still use the truck for truck stuff…just use a tarp when appropriate. I hose it out and then shop vac it as needed. I installed a relentless fabrications tailgate panel to address the ridges on the tailgate and increase durability.

Everything I pack is in bins so o can go to an open bed without much effort but I’m planning on building a cabinet in the front of the bed between the wheel wells.

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Oem bed mat and some decent quality turf :+1:t4:

Same here. I also cut a piece for the tailgate.

Thanks everyone!

I somehow missed that bedrug made just the mat as an option. I think that’s what I’m leaning towards. I’m a little worried about how well the fatigue mats will hold up, though I did see that Home Depot sells them with a faux-hardwood flooring look that might be just silly looking enough to try!

The relentless tailgate has been on my truck since after an incident with an aeropress vs. ribbed tailgate on my first camping trip with my truck years ago! Such a great addition and way easier to cook on.

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If you end up with a full bedrug, a strip of 1" aluminum and a couple minutes on a drill press finishes off the bit at the edge of the carpet that the relentless tailgate panel doesn’t cover (this is usually covered by the factory plastic cap).


But wood flooring will make that camper a home!
I’ll report back if the fatigue mats get tore apart. I figured, at 20$ it won’t be a huge loss, and then I’ll buy a bed rug…