Fly Rod Carriers on top of the GFC

Is anyone running a Yakima DoubleHaul or similar roof top rod carrier system on top of the GFC? Before I invest in one I wanted to see how the fit is, my concern is that with the tent up and open the front end of the rod carrier will essentially hit the cab roof not allowing it to open fully (The DoubleHaul for example is 130" in length)


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I have the Denver outfitters one and it works perfectly with my GFC up on top in general and in use. They are on the beef rack bars and fit just right on those and I believe it is 10 feet just like the yakama length.

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My buddy wants to run a spey carrier. Do you know if either of those companies have one long enough for a 13’ rod?

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@Pbowman thank you- do you have any pics with the tent open? I don’t see how it WON’’T hit the cab roof with the length

@Slowboater maybe check Ultimate Rod Case, I believe they customize sizing

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not the best pictures but shows everything. Has a couple inches to spare on the roof portion of the truck.


thanks, I appreciate it

I ended up using quick fists and running the rods facing backwards. Works pretty good between spots as long as it’s not highway speeds with crosswind, slap a reel cover on for longer distances

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Big Sky Rod Box is pretty rad too. Fished with a guy who had one and was very jealous. there is also Spey foam additions as well.

Still hoping to see some more pics of folks with these mounted on the GFC

I like the idea of the BSRB but the top lid access would be cumbersome I would think

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I could see that. Guy had it on top of a 15 passenger van though and had no issue standing on a tire to get to his equipment.

I had a Denver outfitters as well on the rooftop tent, used the round Yakima bar setup. Worked great.

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