Fly rod vault options

Anyone here running a fly rod case/vault on top of their camper or rtt?

Interested in some photos and/reviews from anyone who has a setup like this…

I was thinking of throwing the yakima double haul 10’ fly rod box up top but not sure how this would work based on length and having the ability to pop the camper top still

You may want to check out this thread… Fly Rod Carriers on top of the GFC


@Camper1088 thanks so much, this is exactly what I was looking for!

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@GFC_Collin I never pulled the trigger but still considering one for next spring - the Riversmith seems like what I am leaning towards at this point

Yeah I like those better than the yakima at this point!

Little late to the thread, but I just installed a Riversmith 4-Banger using Yakima round bars and GFC mount plates. Works great.

Installed the Thule (Denver Outfitters) vault in the parking lot post-GFC installation. Also recommend picking up some of these Scientific Anglers rod sleeves. They work perfectly to protect the rod finish and guides from any inappropriate touching while inside the aluminum tubes.

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That Riversmith 4 Banger is beautiful! Went to the website and looked at them after seeing your post. Man I need to upgrade. I’m trying to convince myself I only need the 2 Banger, but I know I’d regret it.

I might be a bit biased, but the Big Sky Rod Box is a perfect match. Our shop is only a few miles from the GFC shop. We can easily coordinate installs. Tube systems suck and ruin rods. Go for Montana made!


@BSRB , do you know what is going on in this pic you posted? Is that a vent?


I am in love with this rod vault.

  1. I too am curious about that vent.

  2. Now that I’ve seen your ladder - I’m thinking him maybe I should get one of those and find a way to attach to the side of the camper. Then, I’d have a ladder for putting crap on the top of the camper - as well as one for getting into the camper.

Now off to search the internet for one that’s the right height…

Keep posting!

Hmmmm. Already I’m getting close.

@Kwood I think that might be the one referenced in this post from GFC:

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BSRB is the way to go!

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The vents are from I’ve been using them most of the summer. I have a bluetooth temp sensor in the truck bed and they make a significant difference. I’ve been planning to post a detailed post in some dog threads, but haven’t gotten around to it. Long story short, if the vents are open and the truck is moving at highway speed, the truck bed is ~3-5 degrees warmer than the ambient air temperature. It has worked so well, we are considering offering these and installation at our shop which is only a few miles from GFC. If you’re headed to MT and need some venting, hit us up at Hope that helps!


Just mounted the 4 Banger from Riversmithp

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Looks perfect. What did you use to increase the height of the rack?

The beef boost from @jedgar™-p450387356

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How you liking the riversmith? I think it’s time to get something for the fly rods. Especially for my steelhead sticks.

I have the riversmith two pack on my rig and I love. Super robust easy to get rods in and out. I have even backed into a tree on accidently and was perfect. I was able to mount it directly to the beef bar without using mount system and have had zero issues. @Jcknapp74