Foldable table storage on the roof — anyone done it?

i feel like it should be possible. something like this might even work with 3 beef bars Roof Rack Table Slide Mount to suit Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform

the basic idea is to be able to store a foldout table on the roof as low as possible (ideally NOT on top of the crossbars — that’s the obvious solution, but it’s also not aero and people will likely be putting other things on their crossbars anyway).

couple ideas:

  1. sew four strong canvas corner pockets with straps, ratchet to mounting points on the side extrusion. appropriate padding to not scratch the roof.
  2. some kind of long aluminum bracketing fit to the sides, with padding, brackets affixed to side extrusion.

as always, slide is probably overkill, just want to have it out of the back.

I have thought about this before and I believe the Alucab table storage is literally just L bracket that fits a table sliding into it with some sort of folding lock. Im sure the same thing could be done with the beef bars. The only difference would be the table would be more exposed to the elements.

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Ive thought about this, i have a tacoma long bed with a platform camper and the internal over hang of the bed might be enough to store a folded table under it… but then if you have a bedding shelf it would take up that space, so i opted out since i dont take the table all the time but do take the bedding everywhere .

I had this with my Frontrunner roof rack and I loved it. I kept the table and mounts when I sold it, but I cant use my beef bars to mount it since thats whats holding my solar

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