FOR SALE 1 yr old V2 RTT

FOR SALE 1 yr old V2 RTT, located in socal. used on 5 trips in perfect shape like new, always garaged, have 5th gen 4runner mounts, ladder, 2 cross bar racks, 3 uni mounts not installed, LP2 light mounts not installed.
loved this RTT so much I have a new truck on order and going to get a GFC camper for it.
on the 4runner it was a great combo, still fit in the garage, fuel millage was about the same as stock, no wind noise or noticeable effect on the way the truck handled. Its a really good combo, was my wife’s daily driver. $4,500 for everything. no lead time, delivery, tax. trust me it adds up, by the time you finally get it they are close to $7k

Where are you located? I may be interested. I’m in Los Angeles.

Orange county.

OK, great. I’m Redondo Beach specifically. Would you be available this weekend to come down and see it? Also - I currently have a CVT hardshell tent on a full Frontrunner rack so I need to get some help to remove it before I could pick up yours. My goal for switch is to save around 200lbs of weight on the roof, and several inches of clearance.

Interested in this as well

Assuming you would like to keep the low profile antenna and I get my own?

4RUNNER delete will stay or were you talking about the VHF one on the front drivers side?

I can also come down during the week if that works better for you. Very interested.

I will be at my boat in sunset beach Wens/Thursday.

OK, I can come down Wednesday anytime after 3pm, or Thursday 12pm or later including evenings. -Chris

Yeah the antenna delete.

I’m interested if the deal falls thru with cjeppe. I’m down in SD but can head up.

my number is 714 345-6475

I just gave my cell number you can text me on that number thanks