FOR SALE 2019 Tacoma TRD off road with V1 Gofast camper 47K miles

Selling my 2019 Tacoma with Gofast camper and buildout. It’s the stock TRD offroad setup with new rims and 32in KO2’s. Put a leveling kit in for the tires and there is a rear add a leaf that I just bought but have yet to install.

Gofast camper is in fantastic shape, it’s the V1 model and has custom colors bars. The whole bed is astroturfed and there is a carpeted bench seat as well as lighting

Price and location? Any chance it’s a 6spd?

52K and the rig is in San Diego! It is the 6 speed yes

Would you sell the GFC separately? If so, what size bed is it for and how much?

Are you interested in selling the GCF seperate?