For Sale: 3rd Gen Short Bed Tacoma V2 Camper Build Spot #4777, READY NOW


I’m selling my build spot, camper #4777. The camper is built and ready to be picked up at GFC in Montana(you can ask them to ship the camper to your preferred location).

The camper is paid in full and GFC knows that I will sell it.

It’s a Black V2 for a short bed 3rd Gen Tacoma with front & rear windows, tangerine fabric and no tent side doors.

The build cost 8,100.00$ USD, I’m asking the same amount.

I’m selling the camper because I’m switching from a Tacoma to a 4Runner.

Do not hesitate to contact me, I can forward you the email from GFC with the explanations of how to proceed with the transfer.


Can you email with the info? thanks

Email sent! Thanks,

GFC will charge me a cancelation fee if I cancel my order. I can lower the price of the camper to 7 600,00$. You can get a new camper, cheaper and with no lead time. Thanks!

Is this still availble

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Yes it is! Thank you,


Would you accept $7000?

No, I would just cancel my order at that amount. Thank you!

I am going to have to wait till taxes are done good luck

No worries, thanks!

Hey Northeast Taco - what color is the tent and what color are the panels? Thank you!

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Email sent, thanks Scott!

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I am definitely interested

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Great! Here’s my email if you have any questions:


Last chance, I will cancel my order this week! Thanks,

damn… only if it was for a long bed…would have jumped on it right now :face_exhaling:

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Still for sale?

Yes it is!

Is it possible to change the colour of the tent walls?

GFC told me that the order/camper could not be changed, it has to be as is. You will have to buy new tent walls. Sorry…