For Sale: 8 FOOTER V2 GFC for Ford Super Duty (2017-2022)

Perfect condition, installed a few months ago at HQ in Montana. Silver panels, stone grey fabric, with added side door options and front window. 3 Beef bars mounted on top with solar panel tray as well as side ladder with mantis claws. Will also throw in brand new VRNCLR top shelf and bedding catch ($350 ish value). Getting a different truck that unfortunately won’t fit this camper but the camper is bitchin. Has so much room and makes for an awesome setup. Is the exact same camper as the one in the GFC 8 Footer video I have linked. Asking $9,100 - All in the setup value is 11,800 so hoping this can be a good snag for someone looking - just a few months old and basically brand new. Cheers! Located in Jackson, WY

GFC 8 Footer

Please send all personal information, such as phone numbers and email, via personal message.

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Just seeing if this is still for sale.


Hey Paul, thanks for reaching out. This just got snagged unfortunately