I have a pair of Beef Rack cross bars that I would like to sell. I mounted them once and then removed them. They are new, except for what light wear comes from handling them around the garage. I have 8 of the track studs that I will include with the purchase.

$300 for both bars and the track nuts. ($440 msrp)

Buyer Pays Shipping. Free to pick up in Metro NYC Area. I’d be willing to meet somewhere to sell them to you.

You happen to know much is shipping to 55123?

ground shipping should be about $50 to $80. I can box it up and take it to UPS and text you before I ship when they give me the exact amount.

If you wana go $350 shipped, I’ll take them.

I will do $350 for two beef racks and the 8 track studs - shipped. Send me your address.

You Can Venmo me at Christopher-Potter-77

Email is Please end address to this email. I’ll get them out in the morning if you’re able to venmo me.

Sending you a email in a minute here. Sorry didn’t get back to you yesterday, had a busy day.