For Sale Build 720 - V2 - 6ft. Tacoma

For Sale - Build #720 - V2 - 6ft. Tacoma.

Great shape apart from some scratches on side panel. Under 15 trips. LEDs, red and white. Can include cut Prinsu. Ladder included, child not.

$8500 Firm. Asheville, NC
828 545 5885

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Anyone know if a V2 for a long bed 2nd gen taco would work for a long bed 3rd gen taco ?

Interested if so ! Thanks

Yeah it works. In fact, had I to guess, I’d say the GFC built the V2 with the 3rd Gen in mind. When installing the V2 on my 2nd Gen you have to take the additional step of a second layer of double bulb sealer. The front of the bed on mine is recessed by 3/4" or so whereas the Gen 3 is level all the way around. Only difference I discovered prepping for my install. Gen 3 is a better fit than the Gen 2.

I just got a V2 from a 2G and put it on my 3G Taco. Only issue is the rear hatch and how it sits on the tailgate. You will need to order a new one specific for the 3G, or get your fab on and mess around with a grinder and/or press brake. I’ll send you some pics. New hatch is $550 w/o window, $650 w/ window.

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