FOR SALE: Build slot #3433

Made a vehicle change into a 4Runner and so selling this slot.

Best offer, just looking for someone to take the slot vs forfeiting the deposit.

What is the estimated build date?

Hi there - when I go into the booking system my first offered install date is currently 9/17/22.


Is your spot still available, and is it for a certain truck?

Still available. I’m at the stage now where you enter your VIN & final vehicle specs and camper options, so it is not ‘locked’ to a particular truck yet - I just have the deposit entered and the spot in the queue.

At such time as I transfer this, we mutually email Emily and she handles the info switchover, and the buyer then proceeds with her/his truck.

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Hey man, I’m pretty interested. I’ve got a 2018 taco I’m trying to get a V2 installed on. Do you have an email I can reach you at?



Good morning -