For Sale: Build spot 1629

This build was scheduled for an August/September install but it’s been on hold while I try to sort some stuff out.

Things didn’t work out and now it’s for sale.

GFC support said it will be a November/December install, depending on when it gets sold.

Original order was for a standard size. No options have been selected yet.

Just looking for my $500 deposit back.


Is it a camper ? Or is it a platform?

This is probably a camper. With no markup and a near immediate build this will sell this afternoon. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you Jake.

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This is for a camper!

Would you be open to trading spots in line? Mine is slotted for early 2022.

I’m not interested in trading spots but thank you for checking!

I will buy your spot.How do we go about doing so? I am looking for a camper build spot. I have a Tacoma Dual Cab Long Bed. You can text me at 801-259-2079.

Sold! Have fun Berc!