For Sale: Build Spot 2089 (August Production)

Hi, I am selling Build Spot 2089 for what I paid for it: $500. Production is scheduled for August. Thanks.

Do you still have this build spot? When did u purchase? Have they contacted you about projected start date?

Hi Rebecca,

It is still available. I paid $500, as a down payment. I purchased the build spot on February 14; I have since received emails that state the build is estimated for August. This week I received an email from GFC asking me to give them details about my truck. I contacted them to say I purchased and earlier spot, and they told me not to fill out the form they sent me for this build spot, and if I sell the spot, the new owner will fill it out. I am currently overseas and my reply back to you might be delayed due to time change. Thanks, Rob

GFC asked that you send me the email regarding order details, so that I can get my info for my truck camper on that spot. Let me know payment details.
Thanks so much

I think we may be having some message delivery issues. I got a notification that either your or my message was not delivered. Please try again or u can text me at 831 465 4172

Thanks, I am still interested. Please message me as soon as you can.

If this falls through I am interested.

Dear Becca,

I am sorry for taking 10 days to get back to you. I am in the Middle East, working for the USG, and was off line a bit. If you haven’t given up on my, I am back on line. Totally understand if you moved on!


Dear Moonshine, the build spot is still available. Rob

Hey @Wrobrose, I’m interested. Not sure how to PM you as I’m new to the forum and just starting my search.

is it still available?

Hi - If by chance the spot is still available. I’d like to buy it. Please reply here or call or text: (three zero three) 514-7281