For Sale: CP3DModels - Cup Holder for GFC

Hi All, I am finally using my CAD experience and mechanical engineer background to create products that I feel are lacking on the GFC. No one wants to deal with a spilled drink inside their tent. Whether it is your water, your coffee or a cold brew, this cup holder can hold your drinks just outside your tent within arms reach. This simple design does not require any hardware and attaches to the gfc utility track like a hook (please see video on etsy). Additionally, it can be used to hold a piss bottle. I know, a bit nasty, but I keep reading that a lot of people are struggling to get out of their tents in the middle of the night, so this is a great option.

Purchase link: Quick Release Cup Holder for GFC - Etsy


  • PETG which is a great material for outdoor applications


  • Easily installed without any hardware
  • Will not interfere with the panels in the open position
  • Will not interfere with the GFC tent in the open or closed position
  • Not intended to be left on while driving
  • Available in white, black and orange
  • Standard 3.6" diameter (cans, water bottles, stanley cup, Hydroflask 12 oz Mug)
  • 3D Printed Product
  • I am not affiliated with GFC (GoFastCampers)

I appreciate the support as I will continue to design more products to make our lives just a little easier. Any support will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



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Roger, you the man! Thank you for your order and support. I will ship this out promptly.

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Would like to buy one too but it says sold out

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I apologize. I should have added a larger value to the stock. Thank you so much for your interest. It should be active now.

Cool thanks. Just ordered one.

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I am assuming this is David. Thank you so much for the order and supporting my little venture. I will fulfill this order as soon as possible.

Got my new cupholder and looking forward to using it this weekend!

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Sweet!!! Great to hear. Shoot me a DM after your trip. I would like to hear feedback and possible improvements :smile:

Running a 4th of July sale. 15% off until July 5th. Have a safe holiday weekend exploring with your GFCs. Thank you for the support :sparkler:

I’ve found PETG will deform in direct sunlight. You may want to look into a material with a bit more heat resistance like CF Nylon

Interesting, thanks for the feedback. Have you tested this yourself? I have left the cup holder in direct sunlight with a 10lb weight for weeks now. No issues so far.

Unless the model is printed with very thin walls or a very weak design in general, or you’re exposing it to a sun somewhere on earth that’s 85°C somehow, it’s not going to deform. PETG has a GTP of 85°C (185°F) before it becomes malleable, and a liquid transition temperature of 230°C. 185°F is possible if you left it inside of a closed up car in Death Valley or something, but a lot of it depends on the part design also and how much stress is being applied to it, and in which orientation the stress is being applied in regards to layer direction.

In short, there’s many variables that go into the parts strength as a whole, but daily temperatures on earth shouldn’t be much of a factor with PETG.


Nice walk through. Learning something every day!


Thank you so much for the explanation. I did research a ton before committing to PETG and tested the product beforehand. Ultimately, the glass transition temperature seemed high enough that I thought it would be ok for this application. I did see other materials like ASA but my little entry level 3D printer struggled to print a quality part. As I gain more experience I hope to try other printers and higher quality materials. I appreciate you chiming in with knowledgeable information :raised_hands:t4:

I’ll second that! Good to know!

@LeSmurf I have, thus the comment… it’s possible that the issue was thickness of my part, as mine was much thinner - around 10mm. @Eisenheim is correct in theory, but not in real world application. Any material can actually begin deforming well before the gtp. The HDT of petg is around 70C. If the part is a color that tends to absorb more heat like black, it’s not crazy to think you could be seeing temps that will impact structural integrity.

Sure there is a good chance that you won’t run into an issue with yours because you’d be pulling it out only at camp, likely mostly in the evening where direct sunlight is not an issue. You could surely prepare for it by using a cf nylon or asa… cost really is not that different between the 3.


The cost between CF Nylon, ASA and PETG is significant. PA-CF’s run around $90-100 per kilo. ASA and PETG are much closer in price. Also I think for him that would definitely require a new printer so he can reach >280°CI’d say with his model that having a beefier mounting lip would be very beneficial especially when heat is absorbed. So @LeSmurf , there’s some feedback for you. Skuxx is right that it can deform prior to its GTP with enough weight. What I would suggest is modifying your file to increase the width of the top rail mounting section, maybe to half of the rails total width.


@skuxx.offroad @Eisenheim thank you both for the feedback. I will continue to make improvements as I learn more about 3D printing and different materials. Its an exciting but tedious manufacturing process. Current design is more than half of the rails total width with only about 30 thousandths of clearance. This Saturday will be 110F here. So a nice test and spot to rest my beer. Cheers lads :beers:

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