For sale: Gen 3 Taco Leitner Rack/w free Superlite 🎁

I am selling my Leitner ACS Forged bed rack system. It’s got a 3rd load bar, 2 cargo boxes. I am asking $2950

The bed stiffeners are not included.

If you purchase this bed rack, I will throw in a free Superlite Launch edition tent with a mattress and ladder. I have only slept in it once. My dog was in it for about 20 minutes and decided it was too high off the ground and that was that. I drove to MT to pick it up so it was never shipped. I did run into it once with my truck in garage, should be fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am in Minnesota and I am not super interested in shipping it. I am hoping to make it to October Rigs and Coffee in Minneapolis if my rack hasn’t sold by then, so you can come and check it out

You can even have a free skateboard!

Anywhoooo send me a message if you need a rack

I’d be interested in the tent, tire carrier and decked system if you decide to split up studd

That tire carrier is pure gold, maybe the best thing I have put on the truck. The decked system is staying too. If no one bites on the rack/tent combo I will sell the tent separately. I was just looking to give a fellow taco owner a really nice deal first.
If I sell the tent separately I will ask $1300 and a $50 gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse or equivalent low grade steakhouse

I am also interested in the superlite if you decide to sell separately.

Ok, I will keep you informed. Thanks for the interest