For sale GFC camper V2 DCSB gen 2 tacoma

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GFC camper black panels with both windows, slate tent with both doors, awning blocks, ladder with hooks, custom hooks for a light weight tarp awning with poles. Cargo platform with storage drawer. Currently on a 2009 tacoma but will fit a gen three with a new back panel from GFC. Wife’s health prompted this listing. Located in Spokane Wa but I can deliver in north west. This camper is a year old in great condition we would like $7200 or BO

Hello, would you consider $5,000? We’d be driving from Central California to pick it up. Thanks!

We would be willing to meet in the middle at $6100

Thanks for quick reply and meeting in middle. Trying to convince my wife via text while she’s at work but we’ll discuss more this evening. Any chance you have photos of the cargo platform with drawer? I have a platform I built with 2x4s and plywood. Interested to see what you’re running (and if I’d leave my platform at home during pickup). Thanks!

Hi, my wife is onboard. A few questions:
-Does this camper have the mattress/modular sections?
-Everything in working order? Any damage?

We’re going to look at our calendars tonight to figure out when we can take a few days off work on either side of a weekend (never been to Eastern WA and would love to take a few days camping and exploring). Do you have any preferred pickup dates/times in the next few weeks?

I’m Jeff and my wife is Kellie. Here’s my number: (805) 428-0232. I’m deaf and use a cochlear implant to hear, so text or FaceTime is best (I can’t hear on regular phone call).


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