For Sale: GFC Roof Top Tent

The GFC Roof Top Tent for sale is currently mounted on a Gen5 4Runner. The sale price of $3500 also includes the 5thGen 4Runner Mount kit.

The GFC RTT is in essentially new condition and is the RTT discussed in this article at

Currently based in & available for pickup in Las Vegas.

After talking with a buddy who knows I love this RTT, he asked why I was selling it? As most anyone who’s on this forum knows, the GFC RTT is unquestionably a rocking superior design almost without any competition. It’s quick and stupid simple to deploy & close-up. I can’t say enough great things about the RTT.

In addition, I sleep like a hibernating bear, so I love being able to sleep in the elevated platform the RTT provides. A small bit of safety & some extra effort required for those nocturnal critters to have a go at me?

That said, apparently my wife has a bladder the size of a walnut & makes at least 1 or 2 trips to the urinal every night. Who knew? So what I see as a benefit, she does not. And she gave it a thumbs down due to this issue. So the RTT is reluctantly for sale as I had to invoke the “happy wife / happy life” option.

Again, there’s not a better tent option on the market than the RTT, but I would suggest you get your gal or wife’s buy-in if she’s coming with? LOL

NOTICE The GFC RTT has been sold