GFC for Tacoma Short Bed with two beef rack bars. $6,750k OBO

Where are you located?

Bozeman, Montana but will be moving back to Oklahoma soon.

Hey I am very interested. Could you email me at Bozemans a bit far for me but maybe we could work something out.


I sent you an email.

When are you heading back to Oklahoma?

No set date. Somewhere around the end of the month.

I’d be interested in figuring something out, best to email you?

Yes. Email me at

GFC is still available.

I am very interested, Do you still have this ?

Yes it’s still available. Have a few others interested, but first come first serve.

I have a 2010 short bed Tacoma 4 door. Is this a V1?

I sent you a message.

If this gfc is still available let me know. Put me in line

Yes still available. First come first serve.

In the Denver area for two days if anyone wants to see the camper.

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I’d love to check it out I live in Golden, and have a 3gen short bed! Please email me so we can meet up possibly I’d be willing to put a deposit down as well, if I missed you.

I am interested if it is still available.

If its still for sale, Ill bring cash. Where do we meet?